Does large footwear give you any difficulty travelling? Now I don’t mean to imply that they won’t let you on a train if you wear large footwear, or that you’ll get chucked over the side of a ferry. More a question of whether large footwear makes your usual mode of transportation more difficult than normal?

For instance, if you are cycling does your requirement for large footwear mean your feet keep slipping off the pedals? Do you keep pressing the brake instead of your accelerator in the car? On a motorcycle are you able to change gear or is that too difficult? Or is this all a non-issue and your large footwear doesn’t cause you any problems? Walktall If you have a problem with not having the correct large footwear then maybe Walktall can help you. Now we can’t do specialist motorcycle or cycling shoes, but what we can do is offer good quality large footwear. That’s what you need when cycling, good footwear, wearing good quality footwear can make all the difference. So avoid your transport issues by buying your large footwear from Walktall.

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