How big is your collection of large footwear? By that I mean how much large footwear do you own, not how large is your footwear collection! I know that stereotypically large footwear collections are owned by women (sorry ladies) but I was wondering which of our regular customers keep hold of their large footwear and why?

There is a need for different footwear for different occasions. Large size footwear for the beach may not be suitable for the office, so a separate pair is needed. How far does that thinking go? Large size footwear for work, for going shopping, for going to the pub, for playing sports, for holidays and much more. Already you can see how a large footwear collection, or more properly a collection of large footwear, can build up.

Also there has to be an allowance for nostalgia/comfort. We’ve all got that pair of trainers that look like they should be destroyed but when you put them on its like old friends on your feet (possibly a weird image but go with it) or that pair of slippers that have definitely seen better days, but you can’t imagine padding around your home in anything else. It’s no different for people who wear large footwear.

It’s very easy to see why those who wear large footwear may build quite a collection. Here at Walktall we want to help you build that collection by continuing to offer the best range of large footwear available, so come on add to your collection, there must be a certain colour you don’t have yet.

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