Finding shoes that fit properly can be a challenge when you wear shoes that are larger than size thirteen. Most shoe stores don't display these sizes, although they may have some pairs of shoes for big feet hidden away in the warehouse. Finding the right shoes is important, however, so don't give up if you are searching for a new pair of shoes.

Shoes for big feet can be purchased in a wide variety of places, including online shops. Make sure that you know both the length and width of your foot before ordering. You can get your feet professionally sized before ordering to ensure you get the right pair of shoes. If you are looking for shoes for big feet online, you can contact customer service if you are concerned about whether the shoe is wide enough. Customer service can usually provide the exact measurements of the shoes that you are interested in purchasing.

You should always be comfortable, even if you do have big feet and find it difficult to find brands that fit properly. Shoes that are too small can cause gait problems and may even lead to problems with the joints of your legs, hips and back. Instead of settling for a size too small, take the time to research your options and buy a size that is comfortable.

Look for shoes that also provide a supportive arch to ensure you are able to walk anywhere you need to go without painful feet. You can also order socks with your new shoes to be sure that you have the right size. There are now many shops, both locally and online, that offer products made for people with big feet.

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