Do you wear size 16 shoes? If you do we’ve previously established that this makes you part of a pretty exclusive club. An exclusive but sometimes difficult club. As our frustrated buyers know it can be difficult to get exactly what you want in size 16 shoes.

With our Walktall formal range we’ve done our best to ensure that customers who need size 16 shoes get size 16 shoes. Not only are we offering availability, we’ve done our best to make sure these shoes are great quality. Walktall has worked with supplier of our formal range for a long time and we trust in what they provide.

Size 16 shoes did present a challenge, even for the experienced shoe makers and designers that we work with. As I said we wanted to make sure that our shoes were high quality, but more than that we wanted them to be comfortable, not always easy with formal shoes. We also had to look carefully at the design. It’s difficult to make size 16 shoes in formal wear look practical as well as something you’d want to be seen out in.

We think we succeeded in making size 16 shoes available, of good quality, comfortable and looking great but the real test is whether you, our customers, think the same. So the next time you are struggling to find size 16 formal shoes, remember to check out Walktall and let us know how you get on.

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