Calling all gentlemen who wear extra large shoes, the writer Tolstoy said ‘spring is the time of plans and projects’. With the nights starting to get lighter and the temperature starting to rise, we shouldn’t be arguing with the man. New Year is typically when we make resolutions, but here at Walktall, with our new range of extra large shoes fresh on the shelves, we think now is the time to be thinking of new plans and projects.

So which plans are you going to put into motion? Of course spring time is an ideal opportunity to start some activities outside. Now you may be thinking ‘oh no, how can I go outdoors, I need some extra large shoes to go outside in!’ Well it’s true, if you were anywhere else then the fact you need extra large shoes would be a problem. Luckily you’re not somewhere else, you’re at Walktall where extra large shoes are our speciality.B Extra large shoes While the fact we sell extra large shoes is cool enough, we can go even better. We sell extra large shoes in a fantastic variety of styles, suitable for a wide range of activities. So if your spring plans are to take up hiking, play sports, or simply holiday where it’s hot, then Walktall has you covered for all your extra large shoe needs! So you have no excuse now, no reason not to do whatever it is you’ve been putting off. Get ready & Spring in to action with Walktall! Extra large shoes for any occasion.

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