I’ve felt a bit sorry for those size 15 shoes we order. Our strongest selling size for years, size 15 shoes were all of a sudden usurped around 3 years ago by size 14. Now these things happen and for the next couple of years size 15 shoes managed to valiantly hold on to second place like a down but not out prize fighter. Then the unthinkable happened, size 15 shoes started to get outsold by size 13’s!

We checked and double checked our figures and it was true. Size 15 shoes were definitely being shoved into third place by this arrogant upstart size 13. The important question for us to answer here at Walktall is why? We rely a lot on our ability to buy on correct size profiles (and Walktall is pretty good at it even if I do say so myself) and we need to know if this is a blip or a trend. The future of size 15 shoes may depend on it.

Round 1
Size 15 shoes get a sharp jab caused by the recent economic downturn. Many high street stores have cut down on the sizes 12 + they have available. This means size 15 shoes on Walktall are now competing with more customers looking for size 13’s they can no longer get from standard (boring) shoe shops.

Round 2
This time sees size 15 shoes hit by a sneaky hook to the body, again from the economic down turn. This time the effect is caused my manufacturers wanting to expose themselves to less risk which means less production of the very large sizes, a reduction in styles means less sales for size 15 shoes.

Round 3
An uppercut by Walktall & it looks all over for size 15 shoes. We have a budget for a season and that needs to be spent where the sales are, so does that mean we will be buying less or no size 15 shoes in the future? No it doesn’t, a hard cross by size 15 shoes show there is life in the old fella yet. The upturn in the economy along with Walktall’s strong desire to hold the best range of large size shoes in the UK, mean we aren’t ready to put size 15 shoes down yet.

The decision No doubt it’s tough for size 15 shoes, but they do seem to be making a strong comeback in the final round. Whether they have enough to reclaim top spot remains to be seen, but if I was size 13, I’d be looking over my shoulder at size 15 shoes.
The verdict is: Split decision.

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