If you wear size 15 footwear I don’t think it ruins any confidences when I say it means you have pretty big feet, after all the UK average is 9 and even though the average footwear size is increasing it's going to be a while before buying size 15 footwear is the norm for most people. Now if I had size 15 feet I’d be pretty pleased that I’m so far above average! However what would I look like? More specifically would a need to buy size 15 footwear mean I would be taller?

Working in the Walktall shop for a while I met a few of our customers and the vast majority of those who bought size 15 footwear were tall guys. Now these guys varied between skinny and heavy set (some of those guys were man mountains!), bald and hairy, ginger and not ginger, but the one thing they all had in common was that they were tall. Now that does make sense really, proportionally if you are buying size 15 footwear it’s because you have size 15 feet which are needed to balance out your height.

However there were some customers buying size 15 footwear who weren’t that tall, and I’m not talking about the wives, girlfriends and mums who came in to shop for the men in their lives! These guys weren’t hobbit sized, just average height gents who, slightly surprisingly, put size 15 footwear on the counter. Now you may ask if these customers were, well, wide? To keep the proportionality of having size 15 feet you understand. Well the answer is, no! These where just average sized people needing size 15 footwear.

So the answer to my question is no, I wouldn’t necessarily need to be taller if I needed to buy size 15 footwear. To be honest looking at the average sized guys who bought size 15 footwear they didn’t seem as out of proportion at all. So if I had size 15 feet I think I’d be happy at my height, however I would buy all my size 15 footwear from Walktall. I mean it just makes sense.

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