Did you see any coverage of big mens shoes on Oscar night? I mean think about it, I’m sure ladies shoes were covered, in extensive detail in fact, but big men’s shoes? Nope not at all! There was lots of coverage of who was showing the most leg and who had the best (and worst) hair but no coverage at all on big men’s shoes.

In fact there was a lot of coverage of what the ladies were wearing but much less on the men (a tux is a tux is a tux) and nothing on big men’s shoes, and let’s face it that’s what we want to know. I mean who cares that Leo won an Oscar (the bear was robbed) and who cares what won best picture (we’d embarrassingly never heard of Spotlight before, although I see it has Hulk in it, bet he wears big men’s shoes!).

So to all of our Walktall customers who are both budding thespians and wear big men’s shoes, when you get that big break, when you win your Oscar and you are being interviewed on the red carpet, remember to mention your big men’s shoes and where got them. Get the camera to pan down and show them off! We might give you a gift voucher. Walktall, big men’s shoes for the stars.

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