Do you need some smart socks to go with your big man shoes? Do you feel the urge to break free and be different from the crowd? Then try our Contrast Heel Toe Socks! Made especially for Walktall these comfortable, quality socks have just enough colour for you to sit back in a meeting and think smugly to yourself ‘I’m not a follower, I’m a rebel.’

Who doesn’t love to have a choice of stripy socks to put on in the morning? It should be a scientific fact that even on the most miserable, depressing morning, pulling a pair of stripy socks on can improve your mood by at least 50%! So buying these exclusive Thin Stripe Socks from Walktall could be just the key to brightening up your day.

Nothing screams I should be in charge like a pair of these Thick Stripe Socks, I mean think about it, who gets the promotion, the guy with the most experience? The one with the most qualifications? Don’t be ridiculous, it’s the guy who has the executive looking socks, not one whose socks have monsters or jokes on. These socks are exclusive to Walktall so you know you'll be top of your particular tree in no time.Walktall Socks

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