Big man shoes, the words flashed in Keith’s mind as he trudged the streets. What had possessed him to make the promise? He gritted his teeth against the bitter cold. He knew Alison, an angel in the office was struggling to find big man shoes for her brother for Christmas. It was nearly the end of his lunch break; he had to go back to Alison empty handed. No shoes and a promise broken.

As he sat on his chair he was despondent, a broken man. All thoughts of finding a quiet corner with a grateful Alison at the Christmas party vanished. Damn her brother and his big shoes, why couldn’t he have shoes from the high street. Just as Keith was about to go over to Alison’s desk and tell her about his failure, he noticed a fairy on the tree had leaned over, wand pointing at his computer, he sighed and with nothing to lose he typed big man shoes into the search engine.Big man shoes Walktall! The result came like a miracle. The fairy had given him the shoes he required. In fact not only big man shoes but a great selection and a great price for some really well known brands. Alison could have her pick of big man shoes. There was even an option for Next Working Day delivery, awesome! Keith ran over to Alison’s desk to show her Walktall. He was so pleased with himself he wasn’t sure he heard her correctly when she exclaimed “Walktall is amazing, my husband can now buy all his big man shoes here’.

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