Have you ever googled big feet? Have you ever wondered what the world’s most powerful search engine says about your favourite body part? (Yes I know it’s a stretch but we sell shoes for big feet, we are hardly going to wax lyrical about your perfect nose). Well instead of doing some proper work, we here at Walktall did decide to google big feet. The results were surprising.

Aside from the Walktall ad which is at the top (naturally), the first article that comes up is ‘why do famous women have monster feet?’ To be honest, when thinking about female A-listers, their big feet aren’t the first attributes that come to mind… The next article that comes up is also a surprise, ‘is it true what they say about guys with big feet?’ Actually given the nature of most internet searches, I’m not sure that one is a surprise.Big feet It was the images more than the articles that were a bit odd, on the front page there were; a pair of hobbits big feet, a sculpture of big feet, a woman with big feet and two, yes two, pictures of babies with big feet. Gentlemen, the internet is a strange place. Luckily for you, you don’t have to search very far. Just go to Walktall for all your big feet needs. Sorry we don’t sell baby shoes.

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