Do you have big feet? I expect that you do as you’re on the Walktall website! Or if you don’t have big feet yourself, you may be on here buying for someone you know with big feet. Of course we do have a pretty nice website so big feet may have nothing to do with your visit, we understand if you are just visiting because you like it here.Big feet Now regardless of whether or not you have a personal interest in big feet, I expect you are looking at our large sized shoes. We are rightly proud of our range that brings people with big feet from all over but have you ever thought about accessories? I’m not talking about toe rings (although the cost of a toe ring for a size 17 foot would probably make your eyes water), or nail polish, although if there is interest in toe nail polishing for men with big feet, we’d consider stocking it I’m sure. We do like to provide a full service.

No I’m talking about socks, shoe polish, shoe horns and more! You see it’s the detail that make us the champion of gents with big feet. These seemingly minor things can often be forgotten as it’s assumed that people with big feet should just be grateful they get shoes. We don’t think like that here. At Walktall we want to give you the complete shopping experience which means that it’s not only shoes we want to put on big feet, it’s love, well socks and shoe polish anyway.

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