There are plenty of benefits to having big feet. Find out why…

They make better swimmers
Michael Phelps. Need we say more? He’s set the record for winning the most medals (22) of any Olympic athlete in history. And he’s got size 14’s. Big feet give you a huge propulsive advantage in the water and lots of top swimmers have them.

And faster sprinters
At least if you have longer toes. Researchers have found that competitive sprinters have significantly longer bones in their forefeet than non-sprinters. Funnily enough, Cheetahs have longer toes than lions.

They’ve got better balance
Unfortunately we can’t find any scientific evidence to back this up but it sounds plausible. Surely a larger surface area provides better balance? There’s bound to be a study out there somewhere to support our theory.

They’ve got healthier knees
Okay, again, absolutely no scientific evidence for this but logic says it’s true. Your feet work as natural shock-absorbers, helping to prevent shock-waves from travelling up your legs and causing painful knees. So the bigger your feet, then the better they are at shock-absorbing (presumably).

They’re in good company
There are plenty of famous people with big feet. Shaquille O’Neal (size 22), Michael Phelps (size 14) and Ivo Karlovic (size 16) - just to name a few.

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