Do you guys ever get tired of big feet jokes? How many times can you hear someone say ‘Hey you’ve got big feet, that must mean big….. socks’ then watch as they laugh at themselves as if they’re the first person to make this joke. Depressing isn’t it? Well don’t worry there are more to foot jokes than big feet.

Mum: Little Jonny, you’ve got your boots on the wrong feet.
Little Jonny: But mum, these are the only feet I have!

Who doesn’t love a little Jonny joke? Best of all, no mention of big feet! Wait there’s more;

Two feet were arguing over a shoe when the hand said, “Hey, you’re both right!”

Classic right! A joke about two feet, no mention of them being big feet! We still aren’t done;

How did the chewing gum cross the road? By sticking to the chicken’s foot.

Now I admit this one is a bit of a stretch but kids will love it! This all just proves that there is a whole world of foot related humour out there that doesn’t resort to clichés about your big feet. So next time someone decides to try and be funny, hit them back with one of these beauties and prove big feet and a quick wit are a match made, not in heaven, but at Walktall.

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