I don't know about you but finding shoes that fit my big feet has been a never ending challenge every time I’m looking to pick up a new set of sneakers. I don't know why but the stores never have anything in my size. They always have a numbers for the average folks, but nothing for a guy like me with big feet! Yes, I know I was blessed that I'm tall and there are many positives to it, but one of the negatives is that it's darn right hard to find suitable shoes no matter where I look. For the longest time I've been buying my shoes at the mall, then during my teenage years I went through a growth spurt and I doubled my shoe size... OK well not literally, but almost! The shoe sizes available at the mall are tad bit too small, and no matter how hard I try I cannot squeeze my big feet in them. After consulting a friend I learned of a speciality shoe store here in London, and I went to check out their selection of shoes designed for big feet. Well, they are OK, but I mean nothing special. Sort of like the orthopedic shoes made for people with foot problems. I want normal looking shoes, like skate shoes but in my size. So if you know of a place where I can pick up shoes designed for big feet. PLEASE let me know.

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