Do your big feet affect your skill? Do they help or hinder you when you take part in sports events? We’ve had a pretty good summer of sport this year. The World Cup, Commonwealth games, the Tour de France have all been great fun to watch and cheer over. It still leaves the question over big feet and do they make a difference?

There are events where it’s pretty clear big feet would be a help. Swimming is a good example. Michael Phelps has size 14 feet, and you can’t say he isn’t a decent swimmer! Did you know that having big feet can mean you have an improved stride in running? Usain Bolt has size 13 feet apparently, and his stride is thought to be part of the reason he can run so fast. So it looks like having big feet can help you in sport.
Big feetWhat’s harder to decide is if big feet can make it difficult in any sport? Are you more likely to trip over big feet in fencing for example? Do big feet in cycling make it more difficult to stay on the pedal? I assume that professional athletes are able to have this catered for, but for the amateurs out there are big feet a problem?

Of course the biggest issue with sport and big feet is simply be able to get the right footwear in the first place which is why here at Walktall we try our hardest to stock a wide range of large size sports footwear for our customers. We would be really interested to hear from you if you think big feet have had a positive or negative effect on you during sports.

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