Do you think you have big feet? Do you get a sense of satisfaction when comparing your feet to your friends? Does everyone in the changing room know which boots are yours because hey are the only ones to fit your big feet?

Well sorry to burst your bubble but your trotters are mere drops in the ocean compared to the big feet of certain other species. I’m not talking Big Foot or the Abominable Snowman here either. I mean the real life big feet of real creatures.

As you’d expect an elephant has big feet, the biggest In fact. On average they are between 40-50cm in length with a circumference of around 1.34 meters. However the honour of having the biggest feet to body ratio belongs to the Jacana wading bird, search for images, it looks pretty freaky.

So there you have it. You aren’t quite that special, you were beaten by a bird, and there are big feet out there that make you look like small fry. If you are a Walktall customer you don’t need to feel that bad though, as according to the Royal College of Podiatry the average man’s shoe size is size 10. So if you are shopping with us that makes you and your big feet well above average.

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