Aren’t Mondays the worst day of all, the great weekend you just had feels like a lifetime ago and the next one feels like it will never arrive with the whole working week stretched out in front of you! In the Walktall office I sit and hear all about how Walt and friends are preparing for a great time at Glastonbury Festival, for them it’s a few days of great music, little sleep and probably more than a little alcohol. For me it’s the need to get to work EARLIER than normal to avoid the traffic, sometimes you just want to cry.

So I’ve been trying to figure out how to beat the Monday blues and I think I may have cracked onto the answer. Shopping on Walktall! I have a busy weekend this weekend that I’m really looking forward to, Saturday I’m meeting some friends in town for a catch up, then in the evening we’re out for a night on the town, and on SundayI’m off boating for the day, lots of things to do and I need different clothes and footwear for all of them. I'm not a great shopper and was dreading the inevitable trawl through the internet/high street, you guys all know whats its like trying to find decent quality shoes in large sizes. I thought I’d better look at Walktall first, you know, working for the company and all.

To cut a longer story a bit shorter, a few minutes later I had everything I needed ordered, at a great price and really importantly for me, easy to buy!  So while I still have a long working week in front of me at, I’m happy that when the weekend comes I’ll defiantly be ready for it!


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