Men with big feet, its 6 Nations time again! How excited are you to see this great event return, especially after the excellent summer of rugby we had with the World cup (as an England fan some of the rugby wasn’t quite so great mind). Obviously at Walktall we are interested in big feet, but do you know how difficult it is to find information whether or not a national rugby team have big feet? No? Well the answer is very, it’s very difficult!

So in the absence of any real statistics on big feet to give you, it means we can ask the important questions, no not if France will crumble under the pressure, not if England can hold on to the triple crown, not even if Italy will win a game. The important question is do we think having big feet is connected to winning? Are squad selection, tactics and passion all much less important than if the player’s slide their big feet into big size boots?
Big feet Do the Italian players not have big feet? Are the amount of big feet and small feet really mixed in the French squad, which is why they are sometimes great and sometimes terrible? Are the Irish all part giant? When the sports scientists realise this correlation between skill and big feet we expect many Walktall customers to be called up to play for their national teams. So remember us when you’re rich and famous. Until then put your feet up and enjoy the rugby.

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